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About Us

Located directly on the Chicago riverfront, Pizzeria Portofino is a sun-drenched casual restaurant. Featuring hand-stretched pizzas, coastal wines, expansive all-weather patio and breezy decor, guests are instantly transported to the Italian Riviera. Pizzeria Portofino is open daily for lunch and dinner. The menu showcases imported ingredients from the Mediterranean as well as local Chicago artisans.

Our Purveyors

Caseificio Artigiana

Caseificio Artigiana is a renowned artisanal cheese producer that epitomizes the artistry and tradition of Italian cheesemaking. Nestled in Putignano, a small town in Puglia famous for its burrata, this family-owned dairy crafts exceptional cheeses using time-honored methods passed down through generations.

Ezzo Sausage Company

Rooted in a rich family tradition dating back decades, this Ohio-based company is renowned for its commitment to quality and a meticulous process that transforms premium ingredients into exceptional sausages. With an unwavering dedication to authenticity, Ezzo Sausage Company sources only the finest cuts of meat, ensuring a perfect balance of flavor and texture in every bite. Try our Charred Pepperoni Pizza and taste what Ezzo is all about.

Mancini Foods

We are proud to source our pasta from The Mancini family farm. Specializing in the cultivation of premium produce, this family-owned farm embraces a commitment to sustainable farming practices and the pursuit of flavor excellence. The Mancini farm produces pasta exclusively with the durum wheat that it grows and harvests itself in the fields surrounding its pasta factory, in the heart of Le Marche region, Italy.

Caseificio Il Casolare

Caseificio Il Casolare, hailing from Caiozzo in the heart of Italy, is a third-generation family-run dairy dedicated to producing cheeses with only the finest locally sourced ingredients. Led by Mimmo and Benito La Vecchia, the dairy focuses on the product of Mozzarella di Bufala Campana PDO and Fior Di Latte. These two cheeses reign supreme in the world of pizza making, and are utilized daily at Pizzeria Portofino.

Viola Imports

Founded in 2001 by Alessandro Bellini, family-owned Viola Imports is a beacon of culinary excellence, specializing in curating and importing a premium selection of fine Italian foods and delicacies. Their commitment to quality and authenticity reflects the passion, traditions and expertise of the producers they represent. The personal relationships they have with the farmers and producers in the many regions across Italy enable them to guarantee quality, origin and history of their products.